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Couples therapy

If you experience: 


  • Repeated conflicts in your relationship

  • Challenges in your role as a parent

  • That you are considering divorce

  • A hard time finding your way back after a conflict

  • Infidelity

  • Loneliness in the relationship

  • Challenges around jealousy

  • That family or in-laws challenge the relationship


Price: Dkr. 1875- (90 min)

Individuel session

For you who experience: ​​


  • Problematic relationships privately and at work

  • Inner turmoil

  • Challenges with anger

  • Loss of zest for life

  • That communication is a hassle

  • Undesirable internal and external reactions

  • That the past mixes with your present life

  • Symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety


Price: Dkr. 1000- (60 min)


It is important for me to: ​

  • Have few clients in therapy and in couples therapy, so there is time for contemplation and effort with each one. Both before, during and after the session.

  • Strengthen my professionalism through continuous education, supervision and therapy.

  • Ensure a safe environment for peace and presence.

  • Take my ethical standpoint seriously.

  • Relate realistically and humbly to my skills, and always put your need for help first.

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We only get as far in our relationships as we have come with ourselves.

Client 37 years

I have been with Christina for the last 3 years and can highly recommend her to be challenged by, but also to be taken good care of by.

Client 52 years

It's not too funny that it's called working with oneself. I am so challenged in my view of myself and seriously experience now that I feel better and experience fewer conflicts.

Client 47 years

Seek out Christina on the recommendation of an acquaintance as we have challenges with our daughter. It took a different turn than I had imagined. I got what I wanted help with and more.

You may have the option of reimbursement through your health insurance. Some workplaces also have health insurance that covers assistance.

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