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Couples therapy

If You experience: 


  • Repeated conflicts in your relationship

  • Challenges in your role as a parent

  • That you are considering divorce

  • A hard time finding your way back after a conflict

  • Infidelity

  • Loneliness in the relationship

  • Challenges in your sex life

  • Challenges around jealousy

  • That family or in-laws challenge the relationship


Individuel session

If you experience: ​​


  • Problematic relationships privately and at work

  • Inner turmoil

  • Emotional challenges

  • To be unhappy all the time

  • That communication and relations are a hassle

  • Undesirable internal and external reactions

  • That the past mixes with your present life

  • Symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety


It is important for me to: ​

  • Have few clients in therapy and in couples therapy, so there is time for contemplation and effort with each one. Both before, during and after the session.

  • Strengthen my professionalism through continuous education, supervision and therapy.

  • Ensure a safe environment for peace and presence.

  • Take my ethical standpoint seriously.

  • Relate realistically and humbly to my skills, and always put your need for help first.

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Member of  WAPCEPC.

World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling

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